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Preparing for OBA100, Amsterdam

At the moment we are very busy with the preparations of our mega XXL bed. Because the OBA (Openbare Biblioheek…

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Decoration for the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam asked us to think about some activities during their small winter holiday festival ‘Kerstival’ ( We…

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Chess exhibition is open at the Public Libraby Rotterdam

Come at visit the interesting Chess Exhibition at the Public Library Rotterdam till January 20, 2019! Enjoy in this special…

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Mega Nutcrackers for the Central Library Rotterdam

Our NutcracKing en Queen are almost ready to be exposed! They can be found from coming ¬†Monday, next to the…

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Kleurplaat Badkonijn 2019

Voor het Badkonijn project 2019 zij wij alvast begonnen met de nieuwe ontwerpwedstrijd voor het kleurrijke jasje van het Badkonijn….

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Tokyayo Game Show

For the Cross Comix Festival at Theater Rotterdam, we were asked to make the decoration for the Tokyayo Game Show….

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Wallpainting at Bananas Utrecht

Linda and Kim from the Bananas lunchroom in Utrecht gave us the free hand to paint a colorful jungle design…

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Kakelbonte Club, Kinderboekenbal 2018

Children’s books about friendship are the main topic of this years Children’s Book Week 2018. Pippi Langkous is famous for…

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Opening Rijk Zwaan in Goede Morgen Groente

Our DNA structure was shown in an article about the opening of the new building of Rijk Zwaan:)

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