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Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

Subway Boardwalk in Spijkenisse

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At the moment we are working on a graffiti assignment in Spijkenisse (Municipality of Nissewaard). We are one of the artists participating in a large graffiti project under the metro line between Spijkenisse Centrum and Heemraadlaan.
More info soon…… :)

Dag en Nacht van de Architectuur

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We have a picture with Winy Maas, the founder of architecture company MDRDV.

MDRDV made the design of the Markthal and the Depot Boijmans. ‘Dag en Nacht van de Architectuur’ asked us to make three suits with typical buildings of Rotterdam. And the DEPOT was one of them:)

GEZOCHT: Nieuw ontwerp voor de Zeehond op Zuid 2022

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Wij zijn weer op zoek naar een leuk ontwerp voor de Zeehond op Zuid 2022 in het West-Varkenoordse Park, Rotterdam. Heb jij een mooi en origineel idee?

Klik op de kleurplaat en download de afbeelding (rechtermuisknop ‘Afbeelding opslaan als’/’Save image as’) of >>> Klik op deze link voor de kleurplaat Zeehond op Zuid 2022

Wij zijn heel benieuwd naar jouw eindresultaat! Mail je ontwerp voor 25 april naar: en misschien komt jouw ontwerp deze zomer op het Badkonijn en mag je ons meehelpen met schilderen in mei!

Badkonijn in the newspaper

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The ‘Stadskrant van Rotterdam’ (Citynewspaper of Rotterdam) wrote a nice article about the BathBunny and our collaboration with Kinderparadijs Meidoorn in the North of Rotterdam:)

Wooden zodiac exhibition for Rotterdam’s Chinese New Year

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Today, February 1st, is the start of the Chinese New Year. This year we celebrate the year of the Tiger. This year, the artwork does not only display the tiger, but the entire zodiac.

Instead of sawing out everything by hand, we were able to design and computer draw all 12 animals and let them lasercut. The lasercutting will give the exhibition a more professional look and feel.
The exhibition will be shown in the Markethall from February 1-13 and at the Timmerhuis from February 14-23.

Here are some making off pictures. Big thanks to Jahua from Lasergun Design, who did the awesome lasercutting 😃and our intern Rachel, for her it was her last week at our company😭

Badkat and Guppy moving to the Groninger Museum

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Operation Badkat & guppie from Floresvijver, Korrewegwijk to Groninger Museum for the Children’s Biennale exhibition 😜🚙🚚🚛😽🐟💕!!!!

After 3 weeks of happy floating around the Floresplein, Badkat and Guppy will finally unite for the first time with the brothers and sisters installations of the Children’s Biennale Expo.

Many thanks to Henk, Klaas and Rene for the good Badkat transport and sweet care 😘!!!!

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Wall painting in a former Chinese Church, Katendrecht

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Woonstad approached us for a mural in a building of theirs on Katendrecht, which they are now renovating.

We can’t tell you much about the project yet, but here’s a sneak peek of the mural so far…… to be continued….

But already a lot of thanks to our great interns: Anjelica, Emma, Finn and Julia with helping us painting the 4 floors😊

Kinderbiënnale, Groninger Museum

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Yeah Studio MAKY is going to Groningen 😜🎉 !! Especially for the Groninger Museum during their crazy expo Children’s Biennale (in Dutch: Kinderbiënnale), we are going to design a new floating artwork with children from Groningen during the summer of 2021 😍 !!!

On April 24th, we organized a clay workshop ‘design your work of art in the water’ in Groningen 😜, with children from the Korrewegwijk and De Hoogte districts! Together with their help and great ideas, we will design and build a new floating art installation for the Groninger Museum Children’s Biennale 💪😊! It was a super fun day with lovely people from Mooie Wijken, De Hoogte and Het Pand, all enthusiastic participants and Sander for the great preparation of the workshops!

For more info about the exhibition in the Groninger Museum, starting from June 2, 2021-Jan 9, 2022

Tekenmiddag voor het nieuwe jasje van de Zeehond op Zuid 2021

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Kom jij ook as woensdag 24 maart meekleuren voor het nieuwe jasje van de Zeehond op Zuid 2021?

Wij kunnen jouw hulp hard gebruiken!!! Gebruik je fantasie en wie weet wordt jouw ontwerp dit jaar op de Zeehond geschilderd:) Ook zorgen wij voor de kleurpotloden, stiften en iets lekkers!

De workshop wordt gegeven bij de Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis, Vlasakkerstraat 12. En is van 13.30-15.30 uur.

>>Vanwege de Corona wordt de workshop buiten gegeven. Dus kleed je warm aan! Aanmelden via: of bij de Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis.

Badkonijn 2021

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Bathbunny 2021 preparations:) Because of the Corona pandemic, we spread out door-to-door the color page of the Bathbunny in the Blijdorp area and received 70 beautiful drawings back!

This year we also collaborated with YMCA Blijdorp who helped us in giving an online drawing workshop and with the Bathbunny painting workshop. The drawings we used this year were from Elin (9 years) and Reza (7 years).

From March 30th the Bathbunny is floating again in the Vroesenpark!