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Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

Tag : festival

Kunstbende at BAM! Festival, Overijssel

For the Kunstbende Area on the BAM! Festival, Hengelo, on May 26 we build a special photobooth in the famous…

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Sencity Festival at the Doelen, Rotterdam

After weeks of builing, this is the final result of the 3 installations that we made for the Sencity Festival….

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Butterfly decoration at Solar Weekend Festival 2016

We were happily surprised when we saw our Butterfly installation (which we made for the Solar Weekend Festival in 2013),…

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Making of 4 wooden bars for event ‘Kookgoot’ (May 27-29), Rotterdam

For a big coocking event ‘Stadsfestival Op z’n Rotterdams’, which takes place from May 27-29, we build 4 wooden bars…

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