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Post Pigeon for ArtBorne

Category : news · No Comments · by Sep 5th, 2017

Our project Post Pigeon – ‘Write a postcard for Freedom’ was a big succes during the Airborne Walk in Oosterbeek!

Almost 1000 persons came by our tables to write a card for old veterans of the battle of Arnhem, a war child or someone personal. Here is a small impression of the day:


De Buik Van Rotterdam, Ten Plees To Be

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Yeaahhh, we would never thought of ending in the top 10 of coolest toilets in Rotterdam!!!!

Our toilet installation ‘WC Wonderland’ in the office building of CIC Rotterdam, Groothandelsgebouw is in the list of all the awesome toilets of restaurants in Rotterdam :)

Check the article on ‘De Buik Van Rotterdam’ to read which restaurant toilets are in the top 10!

Bizarre Photobooth at CuliNESSE2017

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Last weekend our crazy photobooth was landed again on the CuliNESSE festival, Rotterdam.

Thanks to our great stand-ins: Jolijn and Misja for the great pictures and helping us out!

Please check the link to see if your picture is in there:

Lowlands 2017

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We are finally going to work for Lowlands!!!

Together with a very enthusiastic team of crafts makers and art professionals, we are part of the We Will Sock You Theater at the Lowlands Festival.

There is a full weekend program with happy sock puppets, workshops, micro playbackshows, sock puppet miss election, datingshows, giant laundry machines and other crazy stuff. So come at visit us there!!!!


ArtBorne at Oosterbeek

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Yeaaah, we will participate with an interactive postcard project at the Airborne walk in Oosterbeek on September 2nd! Our installation is part of the ArtBorne project from the Scarabee foundation. For more information:

During the 10 km walk, we are standing in the forest with our giant post pigeon and ask the hikers/visitors to write a post card for Freedom.

Here a making-of impression :)

Swim cap workshop at the Rotterdam Water Weekend

Category : news · No Comments · by Jul 1st, 2017

This Saturday, July 1th at 16 pm we will give a small swim cap workshop with the visitors of the Rotterdam Water Weekend at Noordplein.

Come and help us decorating these swim caps!!!

The nicely decorated swim caps will be worn at the water walking tour on July 2nd.

For more info check:

Studio MAKY in the KINDER Journal from New York!

Category : news · No Comments · by Jun 28th, 2017

Last week Zachary Vigna, seniour editor of the KINDER journal from New York approached us for an interview. We were surprise by this great initiative with very interesting research and articles about kids design. Hope there will be more!

You can read the article about our work with great writing here (or click on the picture).

Thanks a lot to KINDER journal and Zach :)!

Studio MAKY in magazine of UITagenda Rotterdam

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For a whole summer long you can check us in the cultural magazine UITagenda Rotterdam :)!!

You can read an interview about our work and enjoy our professional rowing skills in the picture :P with the always colorful Seal of the South cheering behind us (and hope the boat won’t sunk, because there was actually a hole in it haha).

Anyway you can pick up the magazine almost everywhere for free, lots of summer tips and of course be sure to check our work in Rotterdam!

Thanks to UITagenda Rotterdam, Kim Stolk for the interview and Vera Cornel for the great action picture!

(sorry it’s in Dutch :))

Decor musical Valentijnschool at Bouwkeet

Category : news · No Comments · by Jun 23rd, 2017

In the past weeks children of the Valentijnschool worked very hard, did great sawing and painting for their musical ‘Panic in the Candy factory’. Together with the supervisors of Bouwkeet, our interns Noa and Jolijn, we helped the students of group 8 to build the decor of the musical. We took part of the Candy Machine.

In 4 weeks the kids built a vegetables stand, a candy machine, park benches, a throne, protest boards and all kinds of props made of wood and cardboard.

We’re very proud of all the kids who worked very hard to finish all the beautiful props and decor :). See here the final result of the Candy Machine!

De afgelopen weken is er hard getimmerd, gezaagd en geschilderd door de kinderen  van de Valentijnschool uit Delfshaven. Samen met de begeleiders van Bouwkeet, onze stagaires (Noa en Jolijn) en de enthousiaste leerlingen van groep 8, hebben wij het decor van de musical “Paniek in de Snoepfabriek” in elkaar gebouwd bij Bouwkeet.

In 4 weken tijd hebben wij een groentenkraam, snoepmachine, bankje, bomen, troon,  protest borden etc gebouwd vanuit hout en karton.

Hierbij het eindresultaat van de snoepmachine waar Studio MAKY samen met Bouwkeet en een deel van de kinderen hard aan gewerkt heeft:)

Two-Face Sea Monster at Kinderboekenparade in the Hague

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For the Kinderboekenmuseum (Children Book Museum) we worked on a little giant Sea Monster as part of the children boat workshop. The little giant with perilous tentacles and two faces on the front and back (or the other way around :) is made of more than 3000 colorful ribbons for some extra serious fluffiness. Each carefully hand cut and hand knotted (luckily no blisters involved). Our lovely interns Noa and Jolijn helped with the monster and designed the water basin for the little monster in which kids could also play with their dangerous pirate boats.

It was a huge succes amongs the young visitors from the age of 2, because we were run out of materials in the early afternoon after two hours! Thanks to our neighbours of Artschool we could manage to make more kids happy and enjoy the Sea Monster with its two faces!

Lots of thanks to the crew of Kinderboekenmuseum, our interns Noa and Jolijn and all the kids with their pirate and mermaid parents!