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Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

Festival de Frikandel

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Coming weekend we are on music festival ‘Festival de Frikandel’ with our custom made decoration and photobooth.

A ‘Frikandel’ is a Dutch fried sausage snack, but the festival is vegan:) The festival’s name comes from the music studio’s: Oefenruimte de Frikandel. On this festival 5 Bands of the music studio get a stage to perform this day.

The theme of the festival is ‘Soup’, so we made all funny decoration inspired by the Big Bang Oersoep, Andy Warhole, Cup a soup and many more.

Check out the festival this Sunday from 15-22 pm.

Check this summer expo ‘Come with me’ at the Public Library Rotterdam!

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For the whole summer you can visit our exhibition/ scavenger hunt ‘Come with me’, spread over four floors in the big central library of Rotterdam!

The public library Rotterdam-Blaak and publisher Lemniscaat asked us to design a summer exhibition based on the children’s book. ‘Ik neem je mee/Come with me’ by Linde Faas. The book is about a boy in a bed who is taken by his friend, together they make fantastic drawings that take them to amazing adventures through jungles, seamonsters and more.

Here a preview of what you are going to see on the different floors in the library :). If you have a jeugdvakantiepaspoort (youth holiday passport), don’t forget to bring it with you!

Go check it out and make the scavenger hunt yourself!!!

Post your fake selfie at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam!

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For the exhibition ‘Post/Delete’, we were asked by the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam to design a temporary photobooth ‘the perfect picture”.

In this exhibition the museum shows the effect of all these ‘perfect pictures’ on social media in the youth culture. It’s becoming harder to see what’s fake or what’s real (in a humoristic way).

Our photobooth was a typical tropical beach setting, where you could make a super fake selfie with a cocktail or with a silly giant flamingo. The perfect social media selfie setting, to make everybody jealous :).

Exhibition Studio de Bakkerij ‘Ik slaap, maar ik slaap nog niet’

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Studio de Bakkerij invited us for their summer exhibition to design their foyer. We came up with our wall installation ‘Ik slaap, maar ik slaap nog niet’ / ‘I’m sleeping, but not sleeping yet’.

They connected us with the SKVR, an educational art center in Rotterdam. The SKVR gave poetry lessons on two primary schools, in which the children made poems themselves. From all the beautiful poems, we chose the most poetic sentences and used them as inspiration for our fluffy mural installation.

The exhibition is extended and you can see it for yourself until the end of October 2019

Opening of the Zeehond op Zuid 2019

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After 1,5 week of sunshine, painting and happy helpers we finished the giant Seal and its little buddy Elephant with a new colorful summer outfit!

Here is the official ‘get ready for the launch’ invitation for June 12, 2 pm.

Thanks to our super interns Manon and Mirthe and the big support of the Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis!!!!!

The 100 days journey of our Mega Bed!

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On all the good things, come to an end :(

After 3 months of building up and down and traveling through whole Amsterdam, last Sunday was the final location of the OBA100 Mega Reading Bed.

Here is a compilation of pictures of all the cool and different OBA libraries from the last 3 months:)

Thanks for all the help from the library employees and all the sweet big and little readers who visited our bed!!!!

Zeehond op Zuid 2019

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The last couple of weeks we were busy with restoring and painting a new layer on the floating art installation ‘Zeehond op Zuid’/’Seal of the South’.

We invited the kids from Rotterdam-South and the kids’ playground Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis to help us with the new painting.

The official opening of the artwork at the small lake of the Varkenoordsepark is on 12th of June, at 2 pm.

Work in progress Badkonijn 2019

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After two design workshops with the senior citizens of Rotterdam North, we finally started with painting the Bath Bunny into the colors of the fantastic winning design of Tineke Noordzij.

The official opening of the Bath Bunny is on April 17, 13.30 in the Vroesenpark. You’re welcome to join and see the new summer outfit!

New drawing contest for the Zeehond op Zuid 2019

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Last week we had 2 drawing contests for the new coat of the ‘Zeehond op Zuid’. This year we will work together with the seniors and children from the area Hillesluis in Rotterdam. We visited the ‘Huiskamer van de Wijk Hillesluis’ and the ‘Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis’ to draw with us for the design.

Kunstbende Bandana’s!!!

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On March 10, we were at the Paard in the Hague to give the contestants and visitors of the KUNSTBENDE (category bands and dj) a bandana folding workshop.

Would you also like to know how you can fold a cool Kunstbende yellow/black bandana in a headband, bow, small bag or something else? Visit also our other bandana workshop at Kunstbende Noord-Holland and Kunstbende Zuid-Holland, on April 14, 2019.

Moreover, it is super fun to experience the KUNSTBENDE (young talent contest between 12-18 years) talent day on April 14, and check out these new talents of the future!!!!