Studio MAKY

Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

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Little background info about us :)

Kwannie Tang
Kwannie Tang is an illustrator and designer, graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She gets her inspiration from daily life, looking around her surroundings, magazines and browsing on the web. Though her roots started with illustration, nowadays she mainly makes three-dimensional work. The computer is not her best friend, therefore she still likes to work with different (old school) handicraft techniques, ranging from working on the sewing machine to cutting styrofoam blocks for making giant floating objects.  A characteristic of her work is that she always tries to give her work an illustrative touch, that it’s colorful and has a bit of humor in it.

Man-Yee Mok
Man-Yee Mok is a multimedia designer and animator who graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie. She works for several commercial and educational companies, creating content for e-learning modules, infographics, children’s animation and visuals for musicians. She then started to work with other creatives, focussing more on designing and executing concepts for events, festivals and challenging projects. Her skills are not only digitally-based, but become more and more versatile in various handicrafts to realize crazy and adventurous ideas into real objects. She likes to use humor, color, playfulness and a bit craziness in her work.