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Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

Finishing our mascot suit

Category : news · No Comments · by May 12th, 2020

After weeks of sewing, color corrections and fitting, our mascot suit project came to an end:)

Mascot suit in the making…

Category : news · No Comments · by May 8th, 2020

Together with the theatre collective ‘Theaterstraat’ we are making a fluffy mascot suit for the area Banne in Amsterdam-North.

The suit is based upon cool children ideas who are from this area Banne. They got the question about how this mascot suit would look like and what would bring happiness and joy in this area.

Kleurplaat Zeehond op Zuid 2020

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Update: nu kinderen langer thuis mogen zitten, is de ontwerpwedstrijd verlengd tot 11 mei :D!

Ontwerp jij het nieuwe jasje van de Zeehond op Zuid? Download hier de kleurplaat en stuur hem voor 11 mei terug naar of gooi de kleurplaat in de brievenbus van de Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis, Vlasakkerstraat 12.  

Succes, we zien graag jullie fantastische ontwerpen tegemoet :)!

Klik op de kleurplaat en download de afbeelding (rechtermuisknop ‘Afbeelding opslaan als’/’Save image as’). Of klik hier op deze link: kleurplaat ‘Zeehond op Zuid’

Klik op de kleurplaat en download de afbeelding (rechtermuisknop ‘Afbeelding opslaan als’/’Save image as’). Of klik hier op deze link: kleurplaat ‘Zeehond op Zuid’

Reading Pods for ProBiblio

Category : news · No Comments · by Apr 9th, 2020

After weeks of sanding and coating of the reading objects, we are almost able to paint the objects.

For now it is insecure when our reading installation is going to be used due to the Covid-19 crisis. But here is almost the end result:

We are moving with our Studio!!!!

Category : news · No Comments · by Apr 1st, 2020

After 4,5 years we had to leave our beloved studio at the Assendelftstraat…..:(

But we found a super cool new place and are now part of a bigger collective! We moved to the Coolhaven 558, immediately on the waterside and luckily still in the city center:)

Together with some other creatives (fashion designer, photographer, music studio’s, dance studio and more we form the Cool Coolhaven Collective.

Once we are installed and after the Covid-19 you are welcome to visit us!

Mobile reading pods

Category : news · No Comments · by Jan 9th, 2020

Our first assignment of the year:) At the moment we are working on a new project, which has to stimulate children to read more often.

We will build several seating objects with a small bookcase integrated it and together they form a nice and cosy reading area. The whole installation will travel around the local libraries and festivals in the Netherlands.

Kinderboekenweek 2019

Category : news · No Comments · by Oct 13th, 2019

From October 2nd-13th 2019, vehicles are the main theme during the Children’s Book Week 2019: Travel with us.

The famous Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers wrote this year’s children’s book and this inspired us to make a fluffy rocket for the central hall of the Public Library Rotterdam at Blaak.

First try-out for Festival Kleurrijk

Category : news · No Comments · by Oct 12th, 2019

Last week we had our first try-out with our arty foyer experience for the toddler’s festival: Festival Colorful/ Festival Kleurrijk.

Here is already a small preview of how it looked like that morning. We were very happy to see everything together after weeks of preparation. And to see how everything was build up in 1 space and that the children were immediately enthusiastic and playing around!

When you are interested in checking out the festival yourself with your toddler, check this website for the tourdates:

Small photobooth at the Kinderboekenbal 2019

Category : news · No Comments · by Oct 2nd, 2019

On this year’s Children’s Book Party (Kinderboekenbal 2019) were only adults invited. Therefore the design and decoration of the party was slightly different that the other years. We painted a small photobooth, which was sponsored by the NS (Dutch Railway System).

And Andre Kuipers ( Dutch astronaut) was the special guest and posing in front of our train:)

Festival Colorful

Category : news · No Comments · by Sep 28th, 2019

From September on, we are part of a small theater festival called Festival Kleurrijk/ Festival Colorful which travels for 2 years through the Netherlands and Belgium!

Together with 2 theater groups, we are now developing a special playground for toddlers and preschool children who visit the theater mostly for the first time. Off course we want to give them a special, colorful and joyful experience after viewing their first theater play.

The first theater play is called Yellow and the second one is called Color Ballet and inspired by Oscar Schlemmer’s Triadisch Ballet. Inspired by these two performances we have created various play grounds.