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Design and Art Installation by Kwannie & Man-Yee

Two-Face Sea Monster at Kinderboekenparade in the Hague

Category : art installation, event, news · No Comments · by Jun 11th, 2017

For the Kinderboekenmuseum (Children Book Museum) we worked on a little giant Sea Monster as part of the children boat workshop. The little giant with perilous tentacles and two faces on the front and back (or the other way around :) is made of more than 3000 colorful ribbons for some extra serious fluffiness. Each carefully hand cut and hand knotted (luckily no blisters involved). Our lovely interns Noa and Jolijn helped with the monster and designed the water basin for the little monster in which kids could also play with their dangerous pirate boats.

It was a huge succes amongs the young visitors from the age of 2, because we were run out of materials in the early afternoon after two hours! Thanks to our neighbours of Artschool we could manage to make more kids happy and enjoy the Sea Monster with its two faces!

Lots of thanks to the crew of Kinderboekenmuseum, our interns Noa and Jolijn and all the kids with their pirate and mermaid parents!

Sencity Festival at the Doelen, Rotterdam

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After weeks of builing, this is the final result of the 3 installations that we made for the Sencity Festival.

– Sense the Interaction game-box
– Decor installations in the air
– Movable and interactive Festival Heart made of wooden blocks

For us it was a whole new experience to work with deaf visitors, but it was a lot of fun! Especially with our installation ‘Sense the Interaction’, where people had to put a sticky suit on and throw balls to each other to win the game. This non-communication game was a big hit during the evening, luckily everybody survived the flying balls :).