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Opening Badkonijn in the Algemeen Dagblad Magazine

Yes, we were in the newspaper! The Algemeen Dagblad newspaper was also invited and took this funny picture during the…

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Working on the Badkonijn 2018

The sun is shining and this means that spring is coming. For us this also the period to start on…

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New Drawings for the Badkonijn 2018

Last Wednesday we were standing with our drawings in the elderly house Humanitas Bergweg, Rotterdam Noord. Instead of working together…

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Summer time has come: Badkonijn 2017!

Here are some pictures of the Badkonijn with its new summer outfit, with the happy winner of this year: the…

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Badkonijn 2017, Vroesenpark

Please join our own opening of the summer season in Rotterdam:) From April 5 on the Badkonijn is floating in…

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Our first Newsletter is online!

Our first newsletter is online! With all the new projects coming and what we did last summer :P. Check also…

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