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Badkat and Guppy moving to the Groninger Museum

Category : news Β· by Aug 23rd, 2021

Operation Badkat & guppie from Floresvijver, Korrewegwijk to Groninger Museum for the Children’s Biennale exhibition πŸ˜œπŸš™πŸššπŸš›πŸ˜½πŸŸπŸ’•!!!!

After 3 weeks of happy floating around the Floresplein, Badkat and Guppy will finally unite for the first time with the brothers and sisters installations of the Children’s Biennale Expo.

Many thanks to Henk, Klaas and Rene for the good Badkat transport and sweet care 😘!!!!

#roadtrip #Badkat #kinderbiennale #groningermuseum #guppie


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