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New circus suits for Villa Zebra, Installation Circus Gibra, ZELF!

Category : news · by May 4th, 2018

After an year of intensive use of all our circus suits, we got new funding from the Gemeente Rotterdam to make 4 new circus suits for our Circus Gibra installation at childrens museum Villa Zebra, ZELF!

We gave a couple of new circus suits workshops at the Speeltuin Afrkaanderplein and at Circus Mix to get some new inspiration and to know what the kids really would like to have in the circus. When we saw all the cool ideas of the children we decided after the workshops to make 6 new suits instead of 4.

On May 2nd the new suits were shown in a fashion show at Villa  Zebra and the newspaper Telegraaf made a cool picture of it.



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