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Solo projects: opening of Kwannie’s ‘Badkonijn’ in Rotterdam and Man-Yee’s infographic Dutch Cycling in Brazil!

Category : news · by Apr 10th, 2014

Hello, we’re back on earth again!

While we’re working hard for new studio MAKY projects (coming soon!), we’re also managed to have our own projects that kept us busy recently.

Return of Kwannie’s new designed ‘Badkonijn’ in Rotterdam Vroezenpark!
Yesterday Kwannie’s ‘Badkonijn’, the famous happy floating bunny of Rotterdam, is back in the lake of Vroezenpark! The official opening was together with the young participants of the community center ‘Mozaiek’. The kids participated the past weeks with several art workshops and the winner will have his or her design on the ‘Badkonijn’. This year the winner is the lovely 10-year old Hajar! Together with the kids from the center, Kwannie and artist Niels Lakens repainted the very cheerful bunny. When you’re around, feel free to check ‘Badkonijn’ or when you having a lazy picknick on a beautiful sunny day :).


Man-Yee’s infographic Dutch Cycling all the way in São Paulo!
As for Man-Yee, despite the sunny spring days, she stayed inside to finish her challenging infographic movie about promoting Dutch Cycling in Brazil. It was part of a presentation from the Dutch Cycling Embassy team with several companies and organisations, to improve the urban mobility in Brazil (by healthy, environment friendly cycling :D). The partly animated movie was shown during the Urban Mobility conference in the soccer museum of the Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo. The event was officially opened by the Dutch state secretary Mansveld and the movie is happily well received. Let’s hope many Brazilian people will cycle like crazy as here in the Netherlands (but with better sunny days)!


Kwannie and Man-Yee can finally have a good rest, preparing for the next MAKY project :).



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